Issuers of SMART Health Cards

The following organizations are issuers of SMART Health Cards. Please see each one’s documentation for more information.

A SMART Health Card stores healthcare information and other vital medical data. SMART Health Cards provide a platform to improve privacy and security of patient information, make medical records portable, and reduce healthcare fraud.

SMART Health Card issuers play a critical role in the vaccination verification ecosystem, and the VCI coalition values the importance of their work and publishes the VCI Directory to help ensure that there’s a trusted list of organizations associated with SMART Health Card issuance.

The types of issuers permitted in VCI Directory are limited to the following:

  • Clinical health systems and hospitals providing patient care
  • National and regional pharmacy chains
  • National and regional laboratory diagnostics providers
  • National and regional health insurance payors
  • Government and governmental agencies

For more information on issuer types see the VCI Directory: Issuer Types blog post. And if you would like to learn more about becoming an issuer, go here.

Public Health Issuers

U.S. States and Territories

    * Not currently issuing new SMART Health Cards

    U.S. Nationwide Pharmacies

      All Issuers: